Marty's Memoirs

Marty's Memoirs

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I have reached an age where most of my friends and all of my older relatives are gone, and I'm not sure how many of the younger ones are interested in my ramblings, but I present them here, with the help of my friend, Roy Wilson, (An Honary Member of the Tribe) in the hopes that they will live on past me.

Sunday, May 26, 2024 -- 10:00 AM
Martin Weiss

I lost my dear sweet husband on Sunday morning, May 26, 2024 at 10:00 in the morning.

Marty was a raconteur.  He loved people, cooking, writing (he could put together a clever rhyme in about 30 seconds,) traveling, eating, bridge and collecting friends (please read about the Bensonhurst Boys at - this website was one of the greatest gifts in his life - thank you Roy.)  Oh! and did I say he loved eating; if we went to a new restaurant, he made friends with the staff before the final course.  He ate his way through Europe.   He was an optimist; the glass was always overflowing.  Even when the end was near he would look at me and say - "I am the luckiest man." Although he was 23 year my senior, I always said he was the youngest man I ever met.  The last three and a half years were challenging, he joked that, "The hospital tried to kill me but never succeeded!"   He was always a joy to care for, his smiling face melting any of my frustrations.

He was a trial attorney and prepared well by doing stand-up in the Catskill Mountains in New York.  He loved a stage.  We presented to the University of California Regents Committee advocating for ME/CFS.  It was close to our turn to speak to a crowd of over 150 - including Sherry Lansing- the former film executive, when he glanced my way with a gleam in his eye, eyeing the crowd and said can I?  He wanted to do a few seconds of stand-up!!  But backed down when he saw my face.

We met at the bridge table in the early 199's and it took 10 years before we had our 1st date- which never ended.

I would leave you with two of his quotes:

    Never Borrow Sorrow.

    What is the difference between an Optimist and Pessimist?
        The Optimists has a better time getting to the same place.
I cherish my 23 years with Martin Weiss... just wish I could hold him close a bit longer.

Beverly Weiss

My Friend, Marty

I only knew Marty for the last ten years, but I counted him as my best friend.  He was a gentle man and a gentleman, with a vast knowlwdge of almost everything.  He also had a sense of humor that astonished me.  He grew up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn New York, and had life-long friends from that time... They were the "Bensonhurst Boys."   I've never been there, but when all of his old friends were gone Marty appointed me as a one of them.   So now I am the last of the Bensonhurst Boys.

Friends, below are many stories from his past... some will make you laugh while others will simply make you smile, but all of them are interesting windows to the life of Martin Weiss.  I will miss him.

Roy Wilson, Webmaster (and Honary Bensonhurst Boy)

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